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Speling aint eezy!But it's even harder in this fast paced word making game... How high on the leaderboard can you get, more importantly what's your AVERAGE words per game going to be ( thats the REAL measure)?
vOWlz ( as in OUCH) is a fun, addicting and extremely challenging word game where you "simply" have to complete as many words as possible in a set amount of time... and we even give you the consonants! All you need to do is fill in the vowels... easy, right? WRONG!!!
Starts off easy...and if you're good enough ....ends brutal!
So ... see you on the leaderboard! ( or will I? )
***INFO:You cannot use the last vowel for the first vowel of the next word!You will not get Average scores until you have played at least 10 gamesSound effects and music are off by default -- for a more annoying and tougher challenge, turn them on!